MCOM 3305 Wrap-Up

Being able to walk outside without a jacket in hand after eight p.m. can only mean one thing, summer is almost here! Nights are getting warmer, drinks are getting colder-- trading my hot coffee in for an iced coffee. With summer near, it also means the semester is coming to an end. Enrolling in MCOM 3305, … Continue reading MCOM 3305 Wrap-Up


Where’s the ag online media crisis?

Sometimes, the people managing the online media account for companies create PR disasters. Like this. Or this. Especially this. But one thing to note, you don't see any agricultural companies, like John Deere or a breed association. Even Monsanto, a company that receives so many protesters and opposition,  a slip-up might be there somewhere. That where … Continue reading Where’s the ag online media crisis?