Question. Where was your great-great grandfather born?

Mine, Willaim Robert Wright was born in Missouri. Up until last Saturday, I could not share where. I even had the birthplace of my mother wrong. Sorry, Mom. *I did have the right location, only mixed up the order of where and when.

“The thing that interests me most about family history is the gap between the things we think we know about our families and the realities.” – Jeremy Hardy

Spending a day in Gillette, Wyoming touring W.R.’s homestead, now the Durham Bison Ranch, offered the opportunity to learn part of my family’s past. Stories were shared among my grandma and her sisters of what they remembered from years past. Then we toured the Wright Museum to learn about the influence my great-great grandfather and his siblings had in the area.

Photos of bison (why bison is the correct term, not buffalo) snacking, grandmas in sync and generations of smiles follow.  You can also view my Snapchat story video of the Durham Bison Ranch tour here. *The ranch was formally called the Hay Creek Ranch and was R. W.’s homestead, not the REW homestead. And there are only 1,700 bisons.


Two Bison

Range cake, it’s what’s for brunch.


Younger Bison

Boys and Men

Boys and Men



What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? >>>> Bison … Dad joke of the day.

Single Bison Grazing


Sisters, same drink and unintentionally in sync.

Three Wrights

Wright. Burns. Miller. Three generations.


The Wright Priority

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