When life does not go even remotely close to the plan you had created in your mind and seems like all is going wrong, you don’t always see what is going right.

Sometimes you need to not worry about the larger picture for a while and focus on the smaller elements. These elements are like magic beans. You are not aware of the potential impact they have when you first get them, but then they grow to exceed your expectations.

I made the joke for a year I had until June 30 to find a job because that’s when my apartment lease would be up. It was never my intention to fulfill that joke and spend until June 30 looking for a job. But here I am, July 2 and still without a job.

But within the seven weeks since graduating college, I listen to music in the park then sheltered at the car wash during a severe windstorm, played tennis at the Buffalo Sports Park, ate many snowcones, and shared trials and tribulations of finding a job with a group of friends from college.

I also met a gentleman and have spent many weekends doing touristy things in Canyon/Amarillo and his town of Guymon, Okla. with him. We’ve laughed about all things and had serious conversations about life. I am pretty fond of him, even if he works with pigs and not cattle.

Magic Beans meme

My magic beans, a few friendships from college that I didn’t realize were as strong as they are and an Okie that likes spending time with me.

Laughs and adventures were mixed in with the hardships of hearing no after no after no from companies these past weeks. But I have a new apartment in Amarillo, will visit my friends in Canyon, tour Amarillo and Guymon even more with a particular man, and get a job until I find the career that is meant for me.

When you think life is all wrong, take a moment to recognize the magic beans in your life.

For those who don’t know the Friends magic beans reference, here you go.


Panhandle Magic Beans

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