Spring break, it’s all about sunshine and tan lines… in Colorado. On Sunday, I helped deliver over three tons of water, food, and clothing to fire victims in Ashland and Englewood, KS. It was a humbling reminder to be thankful for what I have. If you’d like to donate to the fire relief fund, do so here.

Coming home to Colorado afterward was a time to reflect on what exactly I do have. That included looking at newborn calves with my grandma. 81 years young, she still drives the John Deere Gator to look at the year’s calf crop and shares stories from previous years.

Here are a few pictures that captured the afternoon.

Calf eat tag #012

“Don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your (ear tag) glasses.” – Aaron Hill

REW Land and Cattle

REW Land and Cattle working chutes

Rancher's work gloves

Look at a rancher’s gloves, they will share of the hard work he never tells.

Weeds with the Branding Irons

Dee Burns

Dee Burns talking cattle.


R.E.W. in the Spring

3 thoughts on “R.E.W. in the Spring

  1. You have captured what touches my soul. Baby calves, leather gloves, the chutes sitting quietly and Grandma Dee, a ranch person in an out.

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