MCOM 3305 Wrap-Up

Being able to walk outside without a jacket in hand after eight p.m. can only mean one thing, summer is almost here! Nights are getting warmer, drinks are getting colder– trading my hot coffee in for an iced coffee.

With summer near, it also means the semester is coming to an end. Enrolling in MCOM 3305, New Media, was a priority to learn about the new forms of media that I could potentially use to share agriculture’s story.

The course objectives outlined in the syllabus gave a pathway of what to expect throughout the semester. A recap of the objectives and what I learned throughout the semester are what follows.

Identify ways new media platforms are used by traditional news media, advertising,
public relations, and broadcasting professionals.

When radio was the upcoming media, traditional news started broadcasting on the radio. Same as when the internet came about. This also stands true with a large potential audience using social media. Traditional news media outlets are very popular on social media, NBC News has 3.39 million followers on Twitter and CBS News has 3.11 likes on Facebook. Telling stories using 360-degree cameras as part of Virtual Reality is also growing in the popularity of new media used by the traditional news.

Advertising is very common with new media platforms. Many free apps have paid advertisement on banners or five-second screens between actions. The 20 Snapchat Discover stories are advertisements to show what information, gossip, and or activities each company regularly has. This is in addition to the paid advertisement within the Discover stories.

Public relations stays on the cutting edge of new media to help build the relationships between customers and the business stronger. While also staying consistent with popular social media channels, PR uses Hootsuite to manage the business’ or individual’s online profiles. Just as the New Media class used Hootsuite in the War Room project of PR managing a contestant in the WT Comm Week Project Runway.

Broadcasting professionals using Periscope or Facebook Live to give viewers a more intimate connection to the news and the people sharing the news are ways of using new media platforms.

Summarize major new media concepts.

New media can be broken down into concepts, although still broad, to give a closer insight to new media. Big data – ever increasing information is shared online daily, advertising, marketing, and generally, anyone with online content can use this information to better promote their content. Privacy – with so much date online, one’s privacy is called into question. Online bullying – the ability to say hurtful words hiding behind a screen has increased online bullying; as mentioned later in this post, it is gaining national attention. Management – promoting and curating content, and managing an online crisis if necessary are all tasks that are brought together with the growing use of new media. Accessories – New media has many tools to have content be higher quality or more interesting; geolocation, equipment, apps and programs.

Analyze new media tools and their uses in order to be savvy media consumers and content creators.

Tools to utilize new media can be in the form of apps or programs to help manage social media, like Hootsuite or all of these. Actual hardware for new media can be 360-degree cameras, wearables, or Go-Pros. Having tools to experience new media on a higher level can make the experience even better. Then curating all the posts, tweets, and shared videos are important to businesses. You yourself can curate with Pinterest or YouTube.

Describe how new media shape our society.

Without writing a thesis on the psychological relationship between media and society or researching the connection between media and culture, new media has shaped our culture in positive and negative ways.

The reach of one person’s voice can go far thanks to social media.  My blog post To the Guy Who Called Ag Comm a Mom Degree was viewed in nine countries outside the U.S. and I am still getting views on it. One person’s idea can move through society faster than ever before. The same goes for companies’ and product promotion. As previously described, new media also offers new ways of sharing information and advertising.

The negative of online bullying is increasing and causing the needed attention to be met by celebritiesschools, and government. Identity theft is also a negative on the rise; not over-sharing personal information on social media can help combat it.

In all, after a semester filled with new media and only scratching the surface, there was a high quantity turnout of information.


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