Where’s the ag online media crisis?

Sometimes, the people managing the online media account for companies create PR disasters. Like this. Or this. Especially this.

But one thing to note, you don’t see any agricultural companies, like John Deere or a breed association. Even Monsanto, a company that receives so many protesters and opposition,  a slip-up might be there somewhere. That where cannot be easily found. Other companies even volunteer to play defense for Monsanto when a new story is going viral.

So where are the online media crises related to agriculture?

In an industry where the people are more supportive and respectful of each other, even when emotions runs high, we recognize the over-emotional stance, apologize, and move on.

An hour surfing the web can bring about the general idea, people managing online media accounts for agricultural companies are either more aware of whose account they are posting on, more respectful to their customer base to not post regrettable comments, or simply more level-headed to know not to post something insensitive.

When an event related to agriculture does make the headlines, different media platforms are ready to come together and provide the correct information.

Are we, as the agriculture industry, more level-headed and respectful to not post-crisis material or has our time not come to have a slip-up? For an agricultural media and communications major, this is interesting to see and may lead to further investigation. A capstone project or thesis may be in this ag comm’s future.

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