Irrigating with Apps

Karl Burns, a rancher in western Colorado, has a predictable summer morning schedule of feeding his Border Collie, Mac, and checking his irrigation systems.

It used to be physically going to field and checking that water was flowing from gated-pipe. Now he is able to check his irrigation pivots without even going to the field thanks to an app on his iPhone.

Karl can see if the pivots are working correctly or if they need his immediate attention. He checks the weather and current market prices for beef using apps as well. Seeing these apps as time savers, taking a few days to get comfortable using the apps was justifiable for Karl.

The initiative to integrate apps with agriculture is growing; lists of available ag apps are continually growing, apps using smartphone-based sensors has reached international attention, as well as the availability of smartphone technology.

“In India today, more people have access to mobiles than to running water.”

Agriculture is not remaining in the Stone Age. We are keeping up with technology, including the use of apps.


With a pen in one shirt pocket and iPhone in the other, Karl Burns puts up the grass hay on pivots he monitored over the summer using apps.



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