Share Your Ag Story, Not Your Bank Info

Social Media allows us to share past memories, current happenings, and future goals. “Share your ag story” and similar topics are currently common on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but when does sharing become a problem?

In the movie Now You See Me, four illusionists are able to complete bank heists and reward the audience with the money. The illusionists simply ask questions and carry on a conversation that includes those pesky security questions.

When sharing your ag story, you don’t intentionally share personal information that could lead to people stealing all of your money. Nevertheless, not having private Twitter or Instagram accounts and posting publically on Facebook can lead to just that.

Agriculture is striving to be more transparent; sharing your ag story to put a face to the food people are eating and help them understand the what all it takes for the wood-fired pizza to be bubbling with melted cheese and sizzling sausage.

Before you share a #TBT of your first pet or a comment including your mom’s maiden name, think twice: have you used what you’re about to post as an answer to a security question? Remember what security questions you use and be aware of what all you are sharing when posting to social media, whether your account is public or private.



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