The Social Media Connection

Six degrees of separation, a theory that everyone is six or fewer introductions from any other person in the world. Within six introductions, I am connected to someone on the other side of the world. Or Kevin Bacon.

This concept was hard for a small-town Colorado girl to grasp became real the previous week. The many likes, shares and retweets the previous week of my blog about being a true ag comm major made the world a little smaller.

Dr. Meyers, Assistant Professor in agricultural communications at Texas Tech, mentioned to a fellow WTAMU ag comm major touring the Tech’s grad program my blog.

People from nine countries outside the Unites States viewed my blog in the month of February. views by country for the month of Febuary. views by country for the month of February.

The connections made through a simple blog post astounded me. Thank you to all who did share my writing.

When am I going to meet Kevin Bacon? Probably not anytime soon. But connections through social media have given me other opportunities.

Last spring, Brandon Creamer, Montrose County Extension 4-H Agent, who I am friends with on Facebook, shared the posting for Montrose Extension’s summer internship. Taking the chance of knowing Brandon through showing cattle and being very active within 4-H growing up, I applied. I am proud to say this summer I will be coordinating the Tri-River Area Livestock Field Day as the returning Montrose County Extension 4-H intern.

Although not on social media, but still a form of mass communication, my mother sent me the job listing for the Cattle Industry Convention internship in the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association newspaper last fall. Once again, I took the chance and applied.

Two job opportunities and many connections have been made through media for just one person in the last year. With graduation in the future, May 13, 2017, to be exact, media will be a big component in my job hunt.

If you’re on LinkedIn, let’s connect!



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