To the Guy Who Called Ag Comm a ‘Mom Degree’

“I’m an Ag Comm major so I can still be involved in agriculture, but not work in the field every day.”

“Ag Comm is a mom degree.” 

What seemed like a harmless conversation in the midst of a Horticulture lab experiment left me mulling it over afterward. 

 A ‘mom degree’ is going to college to meet a husband, get married and have children. My degree in Agricultural Media and Communication is much more than that.  

I am learning about the latest platforms to share information from farmer to farmer and producer to consumer; I am gaining the writing skills to draft press releases from John Deere to Trevor Brazille to inform people of news in a professional format; I am earning certifications in Adobe Creative Suite and HootSuite to better promote a company. 

I can build an Extension program or PR campaign that fits the needs or desires of the target audiences. I can film and edit video. I can design a website. I can develop a crisis network plan. 

I can also describe in detail the process of rigor mortis and start a fire using tinder with flint and steel. 

I may not be the next scientist to clone animals or engineer to design more efficient equipment, but I resolute to make agriculture become more proactive than reactive. 

Agriculture Communication majors recognize a problem, research to understand the problem, and develop a solution, all before communicating.

My ‘mom degree’ might not have the recognition like Animal Science or prestige like Pre-Med. However, promoting the company’s image and protecting the company’s brand will be a daily task I enjoy. Or if the company I work for is in a crisis, I will be prepared with a plan from a PR perspective to help manage it. 

To the guy who called my Ag Comm degree a ‘mom degree,’ I will proudly walk across the stage next May to receive my ‘mom degree’ with full purpose to exceed any substandard connotations of the Ag Comm degree and make an impact in the agricultural industry. 


6 thoughts on “To the Guy Who Called Ag Comm a ‘Mom Degree’

  1. I saw your post shared on the My Job Depends On Ag Facebook page. As an agricultural communications student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, I believe you did a great job highlighting where our major can make a difference! Thank you for putting my feelings into words!

    • Yes ma’am, we have so many opportunities with this degree, but few employers realize it. Slowly though, agricultural communications is getting recognized in the job market. Thank you for the comment and support!

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