Buckles, Banners, and Snapchat

Thanks to the continual push from Livestock Coordinator Clancy Anderson and help from interns, the National Western Stock Show had a strong social media presence throughout the 16-day run in January.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were filled with posts from @NWSSLivestock and the hashtag #NWSS2016 was used regularly by both exhibitors and attendees. Even Snapchat users were able to able to see an array of happenings when the NWSS Livestock Show account was created.

The social media booth outside of Stadium Arena with two director’s chairs welcomed conversation and questions about livestock. Having social media accounts that focused on the livestock of the National Western Stock Show gave showmen across the county who may not have been able to attend, see what they were missing. But also, people who are not as familiar with livestock shows, or livestock in general.

Social Media offers endless opportunities for people to see things they would not commonly see day to day. Following a social media feed that includes posts that are not a part of your everyday life allows for a broader view on other’s lives and a better understanding of what they do.

Too often, people are narrowing their social media feeds to only their interests and opinions they agree with. Social media offers an uncountable number of topics being discussed; broadening your feed to include livestock of the National Western Stock Show or nature photos or new recipes to try. You never know what you might find.


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