From Barns to Beaches

For 26 days I lived out of six bags, traveling to three states, completing two internships, all while having dreams come true.

18 days at the National Western Stock Show as a results clerk and 7 days in Dan Diego as a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Cattlemen’s Industry Convention (CIC) were both pursuits of mine I started last fall and hope to conclude next year as a returning results clerk and intern.

There was soo much to experience within a little time during the 28 days, it was hard to take it all in and now recount it in an understanding way. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a collection of photos from my internships are at the conclusion of the post.

The following is a guest blog post I wrote for Farm Credit, the sponsor for the CIC internship, and will be shared on their website within a few weeks.

Sailing with Cattlemen in San Diego

“You can hoot with the owls at night, but you have to soar with the eagles in the morning” Eric Moore, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

A simple quote shared by a NCBA staff member hints toward my week as a Cattlemen’s Industry Convention intern and has become a new motto to live by.

Flying into an unfamiliar city with only a few conversations and photos to know whom I would be working with filled my stomach with butterflies. But the uneasiness quickly dispensed when greeted with the kindness and charm that is always found with fellow agriculturalists.

The 47 miles walked over seven days amounted to more than tired feet; meeting cattlemen and women across this great nation and globe and learning about the growth and development of the beef industry added fuel to my fire of passion for agriculture.

Taking photos and writing notes for the first convention email blast while in the Media Room and watching my last California sunset while eating beef tacos with NCBA staff members are only a few of the lasting memories. Learning the numerous people and detailed planning a 6,000 attendees convention required was an eye-opener.

Most importantly, I saw firsthand the positive future of agriculturalists. There is general stereotype that younger generations believe they are self-entitled and lazy. However, working side-by-side 17 other interns pursuing degrees in agriculture, there was not a self-entitled or lazy person there. We hooted with the owls taking in San Diego, the USS Midway, and the Red, White, and Brew after-party, but each morning we were soaring with the eagles, with smiling faces and prompt attitudes.

Interning for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Cattlemen’s Industry Convention was an honor and a privilege. Networking with industry leaders, meeting interns that have become lifelong friends, and experiencing the premier convention for the beef industry was a blessing and chapter in my life I will never forget.

Thank you to all who helped me become an NCBA intern and those who were there as well; my parents for supporting me throughout my life and encouraging me to take every opportunity; Brandon Creamer and Dr. Tanner Robertson for the wonderful letters of reference; Grace Webb and all NCBA staff for the positive and accepting attitudes for training new interns; the interns for all the laughs and new friendships; and Farm Credit for sponsoring the internship.

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