Change is Good

They say college changes you. For three semesters I didn’t feel a change, only going through the motions of school and life. The Fall 2015 semester has changed me.

  • I am okay with not having a 4.0 GPA
    • Meat Science with Dr. Lawrence has shown me that some college classes can make you feel like you are driving 150 mph straight toward a brick wall without any breaks and possibly no chance of survival. Going into a class without taking two highly suggested courses before Meat Science and hearing a good portion is retaking the class can give a person no hope. Final grades will be posted later in the week and it will tell if the 700 notecards and couple well used Expo markers helped me somehow swerve around the wall and remain a 4.0 student.
  • I chose to spend time with family and CO friends instead of studying and attending class
    • Taking the advice of my advisor that I shouldn’t miss family or life events to keep a perfect GPA, I spent the weekend before a Monday morning Meat Science exam celebrating my 21st birthday with friends from Colorado and my parents. Then I missed a Meat Science class to spend an extra day with family over Thanksgiving break.

What?!?!? Times are changing for this over-achieving perfectionist

Elected as the Block and Bridle president gave me more responsibilities and opportunities to fail than I ever thought possible for a school organization. Looking back and realizing each trail gave me the chance to learn more about being a leader that helps others and the organization prosper, rather than just a person in charge.

  • Asking others for help is okay
  • Not everything needs to be done at that exact moment
  • Each person had their own way of doing tasks and timeline completing them

Finally, I learned what the dorm life is all about.

  • A honey butter chicken biscuit from Whataburger at 1 am is actually really good
  • When you don’t feel like walking to dinner, others in the lobby are thinking the same thing and will gladly go out to Thai or have pizza delivered
  • Spontaneous Braums Ice Cream runs are always acceptable
  • When going to Wal-Mart or Target, there’s always a few others who will join you
  • 25+ minute hallway conversations are a great way to avoid studying or going to bed
  • Door decorating contests are taken very seriously by some

Missing the first two weeks of school in January to be a livestock show and sales results clerk at the National Western Stock Show and an intern at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association winter convention in California will prove again how far I have come from a small town Colorado girl who thought her dreams of even attending college were diminished just over two years ago.

Change is good.


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