Thank Your Extension Agents, Too

Taking things for granted is very common in our society today.

Did you tell the custodian or maintenance person you appreciate them, as they help keep your day running smoothly? Or when shaking the ref’s hand at your sporting event, did you truly mean thank you for taking the time to referee the game?

Interning with Montrose County Extension exposed me to the many hours of preparation, weeks and months before fair, it took to ensure the county fair went smoothly. Minuscule things, like making sure each show had plenty of ribbons and creating judges’ name tags, took time. Let alone, the early mornings and late nights of overseeing check-ins, weigh-ins, and load-outs.

The livestock class breaks, sale order, and premium money distribution doesn’t just magically happen. Livestock superintendents, board members, and Extension Agents are working away while most others are sleeping to have the shows, sales, and pay-outs run without major hold-ups.

When sending Thank You’s to livestock auction buyers or award donors, take another minute and write a thank you to the Extension Agent and fair board, letting them know you value them for all they do. If it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be a fair at all.


One thought on “Thank Your Extension Agents, Too

  1. I feel so proud that you are my daughter. You are wise beyond your years and a very caring young lady. The world is at your fingertips. Big Hugs!

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