Fair Time Ol’ Son

With the last box of unused ribbons stored away for next year, the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo is officially over.

Accepting the Montrose County Extension internship for this summer, I knew I would be working behind the scenes throughout the Montrose County Fair and Rodeo. What I did not know is how much time it took to put on a fair.

Monday was only entering open project entries into the Windows Fair program. From there, livestock shows, entering results into the computer, announcing little kid shows, and recording sale results took up my days. I walked around the beef barn once, while hanging up posters. Never made it into the goat, swine, or sheep barns and passed the general/indoor projects every time I walked through the hall without stopping and admiring the projects.

I was in shock listing to Extension agents when I was in 4-H, hearing them say they don’t really get a chance to walk around and take in the fair. Now, I understand. When your day finally ends at eight or later at night, after a full day or ensuring kids are in the correct class with their correct animal or every Open Art photo is entered correctly into the computer, being on your feet for another hour is not that appealing. Two nights I was done working at five. But being so exhausted, I instantly went home to lounge on the couch.

However, getting to see a girl’s reaction when being named Grand Intermediate Round Robin Showman, discussing livestock with the judges and Extension agents, or watching the Market Beef Grand Drive for the Block was well worth the exhaustion. For 12 years, I participated in county fairs; last year I was only in the stands at the Chaffee County Fair, this year I was one of the many people who helped put on the Montrose County Fair.

The laughter, memories, experiences I gained this week and throughout the summer as the Montrose County Extension intern are irreplaceable. What an amazing opportunity this has been.


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