Red Rocks, the Texas Way

With no classes or work on Fridays, I have a three day weekend for the WHOLE semester. Instead of utilizing my time to be productive towards school, like studying for my Ag Marketing and Video Production exams next week, I went to the Palo Duro Canyon.

The panhandle is all flat land until all of a sudden, there’s a canyon! With my friend’s Canon Rebel T3 in hand, I hiked for about two hours on the bottom of the canyon. Driving through the canyon before has been pretty, but actually getting out and walking the trails was breathtaking.

I never understood someone could be “paralyzed with fear” until today. A foot bridge crossed a four-foot deep ditch, but the slates were a little wider than preferred. With the camera in one hand and nothing to help me balance on, I took the first step and looked down. Big mistake. I was frozen. After backing off the bridge and a ten-second pep talk, I made it across. Going back, I slowed my pace but was able to cross without hesitation.

In April or May, I hope to make the six-mile round-trip Lighthouse Hike. Does anyone want to join?

A beautiful day taking photos, just what I needed before hitting the books for the next two exams.


3 thoughts on “Red Rocks, the Texas Way

  1. The photography is awesome! Gives a person a different prospective of Palo Duro Canyon. I can tell you are having fun with the camera through your photographs. Keep it up!

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