Spring Cleaning — Social Media Speaking

I just had a freak out moment with my roommate Darci, realizing tomorrow is February 1. I have said it countless times already, but whoa time is flying by. We’re going to the movies to celebrate this last day of January 2015 in a few hours.

Two weeks into my semester and I am already putting off homework. Reading about colors for my Media Design class doesn’t sound appealing at the moment. Instead, I listened to the echoes from my Leadership class on you social media identity and decided to check out my ignored blog and LinkedIn account. So far, my blog has been redesigned and I now know how to correctly add more than one photo to a post (see tomorrow’s post for a masonic tile layout of photos from my cruise to Mexico). Still working on the LinkedIn profile. Any suggestions, tips, and connections would be greatly appreciated!

Over the past four months, I noticed I can now run up stairs, walk in heels (only lose balance here and there) and have basically no head rushes. Looking forward, I have set goals for myself (like posting regularly on here about different topics, running a 5k within the next two years, and getting internships with The National Western Stock Show and Sure Champ in public relations/media outreach) and added a few items to my bucket list (complete everything mentioned in the song My Texas and visit all seven continents – I’m 2 for 7 right now).

Of course, keeping my 4.0 GPA is always on my mind, so off to get a little reading done before going out on a Saturday night in Texas.


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning — Social Media Speaking

  1. I’ve missed hearing from you Codi! Please look me up next time you’re in town. I’d love to treat you to coffee and lunch. Take care girl!

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