Finding the New Me

Two months into my sophomore year at WT. I am finally getting into routines of college again after summer break and this year finding a new me.

New Job: My official title at the WTAMU Math Lab is “Office Assistant” but I really sit at the front desk making sure people sign in and out, get books for people to borrow, and push in chairs. There are lulls for me as I am not constantly in action, so homework gets done too. I love my job as I get to know the tutors who work in the Math Lab and the have conversations with them and well as students too.

Little International: For my animal science lab, everyone had to participate in Little International, which is essentially showmanship for lamb, swine, beef, and horse. We were divided up into groups and paired with senior Ag. Education majors as they were our leaders and showed us how to show each species. This was a learning experience for me as things are done differently in Texas than Colorado (lambs are classified as fine or medium wool, not by breed) and there were some in my group who have never touched a lamb before, let alone imagining to show it. The experiences and laughter shared as my group of 20 practiced showing each animal created fond memories. Today was the actual show, I placed 3rd in class for lamb and swine. I did not place showing heifers (anyone who had experience showing cattle had to show the freshly halter broken heifers and anyone new got to show steers purchased from the New Mexico State Fair, as they were total calm babies. If I was able to show a steer, I would have at least placed, my heifer would not set her feet and the judge didn’t like that I had to use the stick to move her feet). I could go on and on about the show, but after the show I sat around with a couple people from my group for an hours and we talked, telling stories. That was the most I had laughed in weeks. One guy in particular was hilarious! Little I was to give hands on experience with animals, as it did, but it also created many quick evolving friendships. Another guy made the comment “we are all friends now, let’s go bowling on Wednesday and movies on Fridays.” He was joking, but he had a point, I now have 20 more people to say “hello” to as I see them across campus. Meeting new people and making these connections and friendships I what I miss greatly from 4-H and showing cattle.

Involvement: I am a member of the WTAMU Agricultural Communicator of Tomorrow, Block and Bridle Club, National Society of Leadership Scholars, and Attebury Honors Program. Meaning I am going to meetings or speakers at least twice a week if not more. I stay super busy but love every moment, reminds me almost of high school.

The Over-Achieving Student: In high school I was an overachiever, doing more than expected on assignments and every extra credit option available. Now, I am fine with not doing some readings, but still strive for A’s. I WILL be one of the 8% who get an A in Agricultural Statistics (I say that as I am putting off doing my stats homework this moment).

Two months into the fall semester and have advising for classes next semester, I am looking back and seeing how I have changed, but remained the same.

Sunset in Canyon on Mall

Sunset in Canyon on Mall

Sunset at WTAMU's Nance Ranch

Sunset at WTAMU’s Nance Ranch

Steer showmanship for Little I

Steer showmanship for Little I


10 thoughts on “Finding the New Me

  1. Always love to hear how you are doing Codi. Your mom called the other day. Such a nice surprise. Loved visiting with her. We really miss having your family here.

  2. I am so proud of you for all that you are doing and experiencing. You get out of life what you put into it….I think you have it going on!! Love you Lots!

  3. Codi,
    You’re awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s always great to read about your endeavors. Keep smiling! Oh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! …in a few days anyway, I hope you have a fabulous day!! Love & HUGS from us both!

  4. It sounds like you’re doing so well Codi! We miss you here in Buena Vista though. I love reading about your activities and I’m in awe of how much you are involved in! I hope you’re enjoying yourself and savoring every moment of college. If you’re back in the valley and have time for coffee, text me!

  5. So good to hear you are enjoying school and meeting new people. I am sure you was very frustrated with the heifer at the show. Oh well just remember how your steers were when you started with them or your lamb.

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