Sophomore… Say What?

Two finals stand between me and summer 2014. US History final 10:15 tomorrow morning and English 8 am final Wednesday then I am finished with my freshman year of college – crazy to think. Let alone I will be 20 in October, that just makes me feel old. Thankfully my finals are not that hard so no late night cramming or freak out moments have occurred. I opted out of my other two finals as the professors allowed anyone who is happy with their current grade to not take the final. At this moment I have all A’s and with the intention on doing well on my two finals, I shall finish my first semester of college with a 4.0 GPA.

Looking back on my first semester of college, I have found out a lot about myself.

One – sometimes it is nice to eat alone. After Texas Government I would eat with others in my class or join someone else who was by themselves in the Caf. Other days though it is nice to eat the artery blocking cheese fries or Double Chocolate ice cream in peace and quiet; you can enjoy your food at your own pace and not worry about wanting to say something when your mouth is full of food.

Two – be prepared to be stampeded at the elevator. This is more of a notice about other people than a self discovery but it is worth mentioning. Everyone in Texas hold the door open for everyone else. The polite gesture is thrown out the door (pun not intended) when it comes to elevators. I was taught to stand to the side of the opening and wait for people to exit before entering the elevator. Here, every man is for himself. People stand in front of the doors and stomp in as the doors open. After realizing someone is trying to get off, they say “Sorry” and move to the side or pause to let whoever out.

Three – the grass is not always greener on the other side. After meeting so many people, each and every person is having their own struggles and though it may not be obvious, no one is perfect. Blah, blah, blah. Hearing and reading it is one thing, but experiencing such with a roommate who I did not know until I moved into the dorms and simply talking to others waiting for coffee or in classes made me realize how true it really is. Each person has their own setbacks, some are more severe than others; each person has days that it feels like the whole world is against them and nothing can go right. But after time to clear your head and calm down, you realize you will be okay and move on. I don’t have a job for the summer and not sure how I am going to fit everything from my dorm room is going to fit in my truck to drive home, but I am not worrying about either and taking one day at a time. Hopefully it doesn’t rain or snow on my way to Colorado so bags can go in the bed of my truck and talking to employers in person once I am in Paonia I will get a job.

Four – college is what you make it. This may be the most important. My first semester, class wise, was pretty simple for me. As long as I went to class and paid attention, I had no problems on the exams. Next semester, juggling l6 credit hours, a job, and participating in more activities will make the task more difficult, my nights might get a little longer. Socially though, complementing a girl’s outfit in the elevator and simply saying hello to people as we are all walking to class makes the day worthwhile. For the first few weeks, I didn’t say much, but now that I am more confident in myself and comfortable in the surroundings, saying hi to a stranger is not a big deal. The only issue (as a generation as a whole) is begin social is more of a focus on social media than talking with others. This video describes perfectly what I mean. I am trying now to put my phone away in the Caf or when waiting for class.

All in all, I have had an enjoyable semester but looking forward to the summer break. It is 7:30 pm here and still 89 degrees outside; not ready for the heat yet – good thing for the A/C in my room. With a three month break, I will be ready to start again in August 🙂


Thank you to everyone for the continued support, life is finally getting back on track.


3 thoughts on “Sophomore… Say What?

  1. Congrats on your 4.0!! Good luck w/ next to tests and wishing you a safe ride back to CO!! It’s 89 here today too and I kicked on the AC 🙂
    Sending lots of hugs and good vibes for a fun filled summer job!! ♥

  2. Wish I was 20! Enjoy ever minute and every day of it! Miss you, been meaning to send a card. Love to read your blogs.

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