Pick and Choose Your Battles

Spring Break 2014 is here and gone. Happy St. Patrick’s Day too! Some people went all out dressing up today in green, one guy eye had a hat green hat with red beard attached. Some, like me, didn’t put much thought into it. There is always next year.

Driving eight hours and hitting snow, rain, and slick roads from the Colorado state line on home was worth seeing family and friends over break. Crazy how it doesn’t seem like I have been out of Colorado for so long, yet so many things have changed. My mom is getting settled into the new place in Hotchkiss and my grandma moved into her new house in Buena Vista. So no more County Road 385. It’s nice not having to add 10 minutes of drive time to go somewhere, but weird not going back to the only place I have lived.

Over break it was brought to my attention a few times that I don’t add always my opinion to conversations or argue a point. Growing up with an opinionated father and sister then having professors I don’t necessarily agree with, I simply let other people believe what they want and I go on my way. If I am passionate about a certain topic or know all sides and most of the facts concerning a topic, then I will add my two cents. Until then, I am quiet and let others do the talking. I am picking and choosing my battles. Writing a paper on food labeling and studying Texas Government has given more insight to such topics. But beyond that, I personally believe a person needs to know all sides of a situation before arguing with someone else. Do I agree with Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous marketing scheme? No, but I am not going to argue about “conventionally raised” food as I don’t know all sides of the argument. Do I agree and support The Peterson Farm Brother’s? Yes, until Ryan Goodman pointed out some good points against their stance on agriculture. Then why totally base my opinions on others, like Ryan Goodman? Not sure, but it’s easier to jump on a bandwagon than research and develope my own opinion.

This may not be the way to go about life, but it is working for me in the mean time.

Added note – had my 3 month check-up over break with my doctors team and everything is looking great!  MRI results good and feeling fine.


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