Quick Update

March is here, spring break is next week, Fall 2014 registration begins April 1, and Finals Week is the first week in May – then (drum roll please)…. SUMMER! Crazy how fast time is flying by.

Classes are going really smoothly, although I am putting off studying for my Texas Government exam tomorrow. The lowest exam score in any class for me is a 92% in agriculture communication (so A’s in every class) and have yet to miss any classes.

It’s weird to hear about the snow storms, road closures, and cold temperatures in Colorado when it is sunny in Canyon. There have been a few bone chilling cold days and a skiff of snow here and there. I am not complaining – walking to class without a jacket in February is very nice 🙂

My parents have completely moved to Hotchkiss, although my dad doesn’t retire until May still but the house is empty. My grandma also bought a house and has moved into town. So going home for spring break will be a few days in Hotchkiss, Denver for a check up MRI, a few days at my grandma’s new house, then back to Texas. No more County Road 385. So exciting but also weird I won’t be going “home”….

All in all, I am loving college, excited to take 15 credit hours in the fall and join organizations to be more apart of WT.

My mail box is empty a lot and love getting letters (Like the picture on Pinterest comparing 2004 to now of receiving a hand written letter versus an email).

Codi Miller, WTAMU Box 60479, Canyon, TX 79016


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work and don’t forget your 4-H family up in Colorado.What are your plans for summer? It is much more pleasant here in the summer than it is in Texas!

    • I will be back in Colorado for the summer – the 80 degree weather here already means the summers will be HOT! The plan is to live in Paonia with my parents as I have applied for a few jobs in the area, but will visit Chaffee county on occasions.

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