In the Swing of Things

Almost one month in Texas. Hard to believe how time flies.

It seemed as if each day dragged on and on. Yet, looking back, everything went by in a flash. Attending the lecture by Stan Pearson, called Am I Too Sexy?, last night mentioned to stop wanting for what’s to come (a class tomorrow, event this weekend, Spring Break, summer). Before you know it, tonight will become last night, become last week, last month, last year…. Simply, live for the moment; time does fly. Which makes total sense because I only have three months and finals week in Texas, then I am headed back to Colorado for the summer.
Therefor, hoping the half inch of snow and slick roads clear up so I can go to the Cody Johnson concert in Amarillo tomorrow night and out Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I am a good driver in snowy roads, but I don’t trust the drivers around me…

With two exams next week and three papers due, I finally feel like a student again. One goal as a college student I have – do not pull an “all nighter”. I like my sleep the way it is and staying up all night to be awake the next day for a test or to turn in a paper seems ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “In the Swing of Things

  1. Good Girl–never trust a flat lander on the ice/snow. When I go to Okla they are still going 70mph and flying off the highways into the fields. And with good planning you shouldn’t have to pull an all nighter.

  2. Time does fly! Enjoy every moment, hug lots & smile even more:) Jason had his very first snow days ever for school this week & we’re from CO!! He said “this Mom, they’re closing school for this?!” Lol! We went sledding! Had to share, anyway, I’m glad you’re doing we’ll in Texas! Have fun, be safe & beyoutiful!! We’re proud of you! HUGS from KS!!

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