@OnlyatWTAMU the Positives

It’s only fair to state the positives of WT too –

The professors actually care about their students and their success. I have spoken to each on a one to one level and all are willing to help understand material and offer advice. Professors and faculty remember who I am after meeting me once and are always willing to chat.

WT has a big waterslide in their pool. Haven’t tried it out yet.

Blue Bell ice cream in the Caf, enough said there.

The use of washing and drying machines and 1,500 B&W copies are included in my tuition, so no carrying around change.

Plenty of HD tvs with satellite to watch any just about desired show.

While there is a huge freeze/snow storm over the nation, Canyon is sunny and snow/ice free 🙂

Possibly the best part of WT is the water fountain on the center of campus. Went there the other night with my roommate and friends; the wind wasn’t blowing and it was so peaceful and relaxing to listen to the water run. A buffalo is carved from stone in the center of the fountain with lights illuminating it. I have found my favorite place on campus.


2 thoughts on “@OnlyatWTAMU the Positives

  1. Wise girl–Always look for the positive. If you dwell on the bad things you will hate it there. We learned that when my Dad (Air Force) moved us around a lot. You can find something nice anywhere you live.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. Glad it is going well. My brother is a PhD at A&M in Bryan, TX — just info! My e-mail got shut down Saturday and anything you sent might have bounced back. I am back in service and hope you will still include me in your posts. Love you so much and hope to hear from you again soon. Suzanne Teague

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