Years Worth of Memories

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2006 was the first year I showed at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. The heifer was a Red Angus X that was born and raised on my family’s place. My cousin clipped her the weekend before and Ky Sterwalt (age 16 at the time and was my first steer jock “love”) fit her. For being a simple ranch heifer not from a popular sire, she looked pretty good and held her own. Even though she stood towards the bottom of her class.

Before going into the ring

Before going into the ring

Slightly long legged and not as square from pins to hooks, but pretty dang good.

From there I showed at Denver six more times, placing anywhere from last to 4th in class. I won a fancy rossett in 2009, the last year they awarded them before cutting costs and going to simple ribbons. Each week at Denver was one of the most stressful weeks of the whole year, but I loved every moment and wish I could be back again this year.

In 2013, I worked for Emma Farms in the Yards; that was a whole other learning experience working a string of cattle, not just steers and heifers. Trying to get 16 head of cattle ready with eight people was an interesting task as each person had their own “way” of doing things. In the end all was successful having the Champion and Reserve Bulls and Females. Or I believe that’s what all we won, I just remember lots of purple ribbons and one happy boss.

December 2008, I traveled with my aunt and uncle to the Arizona National where I worked with my cousin on six club calves that were in the Calf Sale. (the pickup broke down in Grand Junction, CO and had to wait about eight hours for a new pickup and get vehicles switched. We were pulling into the motel parking lot the following morning when everyone else was leaving the motel to head to the grounds for day one of the show – a very long two days) The week was a turning point in my life as it was the first time being away from home without my parents and seeing what the real world of show cattle was like. I met people that week that I still look up to today and encouraged me to pursue a career in agriculture. The week is still vivid in my memory and the lessons it taught me.


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