I’ve been at college for a about two weeks – yeah I’m still new to all of this but here is a list of things I have noticed. And sure it will grow over the semester.

The Caf doesn’t open until 11 am on weekends and holidays – I know college students like their sleep but for a person who naturally wakes up at 7:30 and is HUNGRY, this sucks.

Let alone the food is ookkkkaayyyy. Cooking for however many students must be very hard and I would not want that job, but hashbrowns are meant to be crispy and gravy should have some flavor.     The salad bar has been my friend. That’s hard to mess up unless the lettuce is warm, then that gets kinda sketchy too. Their cookies are really good! Haven’t fallen to having Blue Bell ice cream. Yet… The day is coming though.

Any events happen at 8 pm or later. I like to be asleep at 9 or 10, but that can’t happen when meetings and such start then and end at midnight. An 8 am Ag Econ class is not that fabulous with little sleep.


-Just letting out my opinion-


10 thoughts on “@OnlyAtWTAMU

  1. In regards to food: do you think that your mom may have spoiled you a bit? I know that the best pot-luck dinner I ever went to was a 4-H pot luck. The folks in Chaffee County sure know how to cook! Since you are there, a dorm-size fridge may be a good investment 🙂

  2. Hey Codi,
    I’ve been following all of your blogs 🙂
    So proud of you, especially being away from your family and friends! I bet each and every day brings a new beginning and just think when this semester is over you will look back and say..”WOW”
    Take care sweetie and best of luck!!!
    Sending lots of love from Yock and I 🙂

  3. Breakfast is late on Saturday? With all the new technology in food surely there is something you can keep in your room besides muffins or bagels. OU had meals on regular schedule on the weekend except no Sunday dinner–so you found a church social or something. And their cookies were the size of a desert plate and OH SO gooey and GOOD! That is how you gain the freshman five so be careful :>)

    • Granola bars, PB&J sandwiches, and Pop Tarts are my stored food. I am not that creative or have a need for more creative food 🙂 During the week is when the church functions do free food here. Wt cookies aren’t as gooey and good thing they are small for my sake!

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