Let the Late Nights Begin

Activities are starting to pick up and meeting new people. Homework is already getting pushed aside. What everyone has been saying is true – college gets better after the first few days, get out and meeting people is weird but fun, and time flies when you’re not sitting around.

The weather has been at least 50 each day and some wind, so not missing the Colorado weather to say the least 🙂

One of the hardest parts of being in college out of state is not being able to attend the National Western Stock Show this year. This will be the first time in eight years not showing at Denver. Seeing photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram makes me miss the freezing temps and early mornings.

This photo by ShowChampions from the Charolais Show at Denver captures the scariest moment for a showman – at least for me it was the scariest moment. This is in the tunnel right before you walk into the ring. You can see the stands, people surrounding the ring. A thousand thoughts start running through your mind: how will the calf do? Has the tail messed up the fit job? Is my shirt tucked in? Do I have the right number on?

Seeing the photo gave me chills.

I have yet to find anything else that is close to the feeling, but hope a degree in Ag Communication allows me to travel to cattle shows, I may not be showing in the ring but get to see others experience that moment of pure crazy bliss.


All in all, college is slowly getting better and I am feeling great – so pushing forth! And my Ag Economics book is calling my name. Yay – not.


One thought on “Let the Late Nights Begin

  1. You are so intuitive. You are starting to grab on and take the world for a ride. Your go girl!!! So PROUD of you!! Now hit the books 🙂

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