Living the Dream… Kinda

First week of college is in the books. I really enjoy my classes and have interesting professors. I don’t necessarily agree with their opinions, however they are passionate about the subject and keep the class interesting. With the three day weekend ahead, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. and the US Government, the campus is emptying out (Parking here is not so fabulous, so very noticeable when cars start to leave). I am staying here, as driving eight hours back to Colorado would be basically a waste of gas and money. However, seeing people I know would be a pleasant change. 

Attending the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow meeting confirmed what I have been telling myself and everyone for the past few years – WT has an amazing and passionate Ag program. I am so happy to be apart of it. Too bad meetings are irregularly and only taking one Ag class this semester. Still looking into Collegiate FFA and Block and Bridle Club. It was always said high school students who are active within their high school are more successful in their pursuits. Even though I have only been at WT for a week, I finally believe this statement in its entirety (in high school I thought they were just saying that to get kids active in sports and whatnot). I still don’t know many people and can only be in your room alone for so long before you start talking to your roommate’s plastic Long-Neck (it is our door stop and have no idea what the dinosaurs scientific name is). But talking to family and friends back in Colorado on the phone and sending texts and the support from readers is positive and will stick out the semester. Granted I have already paid for the semester so WT has my money anyways. 

I am looking forward to see what all college has to offer and break away from hanging out in my dorm room. 


8 thoughts on “Living the Dream… Kinda

  1. You have acted in front of total strangers and I have confidence that you will get out there and meet lots of neat people. You have a lot to share with them and are fun to be around. Make yourself go out!

  2. Hey You! So glad that you finally made it to TX and COLLEGE! Give it a chance – it will end up being all you had hoped for. I remember when I went to school – I graduated in a class of 12 and journeyed 45 miles to Alamosa to attend Adams State – my first class was psychology and there were 80 kids in lecture (more than were in my entire school, K-12) and I FREAKED out! My roommate was a disaster and I had NO friends – but after that first semester I met people and made friends (and even found a boyfriend) and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had for anything! OH, and trust me – you are NOT missing anything here in good ol’ Buena Vista, Colorado, USA. The wind has blown like it’s the end of the world – it’s cold and EVERYONE is grouchy. So hang on tight and enjoy the ride – I LOVE reading your blog so please continue to post as time allows. So proud of you and all you’ve overcome to be where you are! Cheryl

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    • College is getting better and thankfully my roommate and I get along very well. I also brought the zebra blanket with me so thinking of your family! I live in dorms with AC but can’t figure out how to turn off the AC when it’s cold out… But walk outside to 60 degrees and little wind and I get warmed up 🙂

  3. Hey Codi! There is a reason that most people go to college when they are young: they can survive the jolt to their systems! Going to a new place and being around people from all different backgrounds will introduce you to all sorts of weird stuff! That is a part of the college experience that works to open your mind to all the possibilities! You will find that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. That is what is supposed to happen. Take care! We believe in you!

    • Thank you Winters family! This is a huge switch from living at home, high school, and Colorado. Figured out quickly queso and Blue Bell ice cream are the big things here. Hopefully nothing too weird is to come 🙂

  4. As you get to know more people you will spend less time in your room. Glad to see you are interested in getting involved in some of the campus organizations. Keep you chin up and a smile on your face. Love ya.

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