Finally in Texas

Five months later than planned, but I am finally at WT!

Moved in Friday to the dorms; my roommate is a sophomore and highly regarded by many people at WT. We have gotten along well and went to a concert and movie theatre to see “Lone Survivor” with her and friends. But living with someone else that you have never met before is weird… Especially when you are used to waking up at 7 am and she doesn’t get up until much later.

The move to Texas has been much harder on me mentally than expected. At the beginning of August, I was ready to be a college student, go somewhere brand new where I knew no one, and start my life after BV. But the last four months has greatly affected me emotionally. For four months, my parents were by my side and I never had to go at anything alone. Now, I am embarking on this journey of college, with my parents support from eight hours away. Thankfully they are spending the weekend here to be here for me. They are leaving tomorrow to head back to Colorado. I have an Honors meeting, so will have something to do, to take my mind off of not having them here.

It is amazing how having someone you know on a personal level in the same room as you, even if you’re not talking, is comforting. For the past four months I have been with my parents, minus a weekend they would go to Hotchkiss or an afternoon I’d spend with friends. Now, they won’t be with me. Physically. They are a phone call away but it is not the same as having them there with you.

This goes for any person you know. Not just a parent.

Once school starts in full swing of classes and such, things should pick up and go smoother. At least that’s what I have been told and hope comes true. As my father reminded me: this is my dream (to be a student at WT) and I am finally able to live my dream. So I am pushing forth and see what my first semester of college brings me


7 thoughts on “Finally in Texas

  1. Good luck Codi! It may take a week, or two . . . or three to adjust . . . but you WILL be fine. Just be patient and give it time. And . . . keep yourself busy just as you have always done. Thanks for taking the time to paint ceramics with us. It was great to see you!

  2. Yay!!! We are so proud if you Codi!! Texas & college will be an incredible experience for you! Those who truly care will never be too far away! Keep a smile on your face & your attitude positive! You’re awesome!! HUGS to you & best wishes in all that you do!!!

  3. We will always be here for you. We are helping you spread your wings and become that individual you have always dreamed of being. Keep your chin up, smile and say hi to people, don’t be afraid to “sit in” in the lounge, laugh and be Codi!! Love you lots!!

  4. Cody, hang in there! Change is hard for everyone, but it is a growing experience. By sticking it out, through this initial discomfort, you will gain confidence in yourself and learn that this stress, too, will pass. It is always good for family to learn that you miss them, but they want you to fulfill your dream. Keep busy, and the stress will soon be a distant memory. We love you and are proud of you!

  5. I know you are going to do great there, Codi. You are talented and you will fall right into the rhythm of college life! Enjoy it and rejoice in the wonderful joy of learning! Love you, Codi!

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words! As I have heard from friends who started college last fall, the first week or two is the hardest then things start picking up and get better – that’s the plan! 🙂

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