The New “Normal”

MRI today and got the OK to go to college in January! The best news I could have hoped for.

My tumor isn’t dead or gone; it has only shrunk. The radiation works slowly and after some months, there will be a clearer picture if the tumor is dead. I will have MRIs every three months for a year then every six months for another year to watch the changes of my tumor and ensure I am still doing well. I am still tired; having not done much for 12 weeks, I am having to build muscle back. If only it was still nice in BV do walk outside without being blown away by the wind. With time I will return to my “normal”, but feeling better than I did this summer so ready for college.

Signed up for classes at West Texas A&M last week; five classes, 15 credit hours. U.S. History after 1877, Agriculture Economics, Academic Writing, Texas Government, and Honors Seminar/Great Books. Now it’s time to order books and waiting for my dorm assignment. Getting ready for college is more stressful than the past four months, for me at least. And still have to figure out how to store all my necklaces in college; my current coat rack turned jewelry holder won’t be going to Texas with me.

So I still have a long road ahead of me before I’m “cured” from my brain tumor; however, I am moving forward as with new “normal” and thankful for all the support I have received over the past few months.


5 thoughts on “The New “Normal”

  1. Wow! So thankful your tumor is shrinking….prayers are working for you and your family 🙂
    The college classes sound tough, but I’m glad you will be able to attend next semester and move forward!
    Sending my love and (((BIG HUGS)))
    To You!!!

  2. You go Girl! Your bravery and perseverance are a model for us all! Life is not always how we plan it to be, but you have stayed the course, and we are proud of you! The Winters

  3. Codi, So Happy to hear the good news! Take care and have fun in college, now you can use all of your good writing skills in your classes, Good luck, Carol Chartier

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