Six Weeks Here and Gone

Hand print


Amazing to think it has been six weeks since I began my radiation treatment. I finished today; since I’m still considered a child by the hospital, I was allowed to leave my handprint along with other completed child radiation patients.

Now life goes on – I have reapplied to West Texas A&M today. The same application I completed last fall, took me at least two class periods because of all the distractions in the guidance office. This afternoon, it took me 30 minutes. Basically, I could have completed a lot more my senior year than I did, but the fun times and great memories of the guidance office is wroth not always getting stuff done.

The Honors Program at WT sent me an email wishing me well and to contact them when I register for classes to enroll in honor classes. So everything is going great!

I am feeling well, warned though the next two weeks as the radiation is still active within my brain, I may not always feel great. From there I should continue to get better and better. The first part of December will be the time for my MRI; then is when i should hopefully get the message that my tumor is no longer causing me issues and I can go to college.

This blog began as a way to easily share information with people; it has also been therapeutic for me to share my thoughts and opinions. I will continue this blog – my “Denver Adventures” are over so will continue with what I will be doing with my free time and such. Thank you once again for the support through this unplanned time for me. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Six Weeks Here and Gone

  1. Codi, I’m so thankful you’re finished with radiation and now you have a birthday coming up & college in the near future!!
    I’m so happy we were able to see each other at UCH, it’s a terrific place to be taken care of.
    I love you sweetie ♥

    • Codi, so happy that you have made it through this tough time. We will keep you, as always, in our thoughts. It has been really nice to be able to read your blog. Much love, The Murphy family

  2. I admire you Codi. You have amazing strength & positivity! Don’t ever lose it. The best is yet to come! Hugs thoughts & prayers for you always!
    Love Ashlee & Jason

  3. Codi,
    Let’s go out for breakfast or lunch one of these days. I’d love to sit down and chat with your for awhile. So glad radiation is over and plans for college are resuming! You’re such a special person and I’m so glad to know you! Happy late birthday too. Let me know when I can take your out. (or dinner works too)

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