A Breathe of Fresh Air

For what this week has been to all in Buena Vista, this week has been a blessing for myself. It has been hard to be happy when my heart is heavy for the Johnson family.

On Monday, I began an infusion medicine, called Avastin, that has the same benefits of the steroid, Decadron, I have been on but without any side effects of the Decadron. For one hour every two weeks I will have this IV infusion to keep me feeling well during radiation. Meaning I have two more sessions of infusion since I only have 12 more radiation treatments!!

I will have an infusion the week after my last radiation treatment to ensure I still feel, just to be safe. Then I will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks, so about the beginning of December, then have a MRI to see how my brain tumor has reacted to the radiation. Right now, the tumor is changing and the doctors could do an MRI to see the change, but they don’t know if the changes are positive or negative, so an MRI would be useless; thus why I have to wait weeks after finishing treatment to see if the treatment worked successfully.

This week has been very positive for myself, as I still feel well and even walking to my radiation treatments (30 minutes on nice walk ways with crosswalks) as my own choice. When my dad comes up we’ll probably be driving to the treatments again 😉     My mom and I met with my uncle, aunt, and cousin, who flew in from Kentucky for a fall vacation to see family, and enjoyed a well conversed lunch with them. I believe the best part of a Shirley Temple is the cherry, my cousin however does not. Crazy girl!      Last night, my mom and I took a break from everything and went to see the Disney movie “Planes“, very cute and funny! Going to the theaters is a great way to laugh and enjoy a fews hours without thinking about what is happening in the world. Sometimes that is just what you need, even if life is going well – a break to just sit back and laugh.


2 thoughts on “A Breathe of Fresh Air

  1. Codi – so glad to hear you are doing well! You finish treatments on my 42nd bday – so it will be a milestone for both of us! You are such an inspiration to so many and I’m glad to be able to have a relationship with you and your family. I heard there is an ad in the Chaffee County Times about a fund raiser for you – I haven’t seen it yet. The Hub Club is also doing the pony rides at the Chaffee County Pumpkin Patch October 12 & 13th at the Hutchinson Ranch in Salida and all proceeds will be going to you/your family/your medical expenses/travel costs – whatever you need it for. Wanted to make sure you know that we haven’t forgotten how important your journey is and how proud we are of you for being so strong, brave and positive. Love ya and can’t wait to have dinner with you and your parents soon!

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