Time Marches On

This week began on a positive note, but quickly turned unthinkable. The rockslide in Chaffee County, as seen on national news media outlets, shook my hometown as the loved ones lost were well known in the community. To put into words what emotions are felt or thoughts running through each person’s mind cannot be described to a news anchor or reporter. Each person has their own way to deal with this ordeal and thus I believe this: The support for the Johnson family is in amongst highest prayers and to be fully aware the numerous invocations sent is impossible to know; the love and care from fellow neighbors in Chaffee County to people who read the news from other places of the world is powerful and positives within this tragedy will prevail.

With that being said – life sucks sometimes. Yeah, life isn’t always fair, everything happens for a reason, blah, blah, blah. But sometimes is just sucks. There are plenty more words in the dictionary (or not recognized by Webster) that could very easily replace sucks. But sucks is a general term that covers plenty of ceniceros. You learn to accept the change, let go of having control, as you cannot hold onto the past – time marches on with or without you.

There is the saying you must learn from others, because there isn’t enough time for you to learn everything by yourself. Well, Monday I was reminded how precious time is and to tell who you love that you love them. On Postsecret one Sunday, a person sent in a postcard that read to the effect that at least one voicemail from each person in the family is saved to the phone. This is so there’d always be the voice if something ever happened to the family member, the person could hear their voice again…..


I am well, as my health is a sidenote to the events this week. Keep the Johnson family in your thoughts and prayers.



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