Weekend Rewind

Home for eight more hours then on the road again back to Denver for Week Four of radiation treatment. Although I am gone away from home every week day and love to come back to BV, I went with my parents to Paonia for the weekend. This past summer,  my parents dream retirement property in Paonia, Colorado (technically located in Paonia, but I always say Hotchkiss – who BVHS plays in football) came up for sale and were in the process of purchasing the property when I was diagnosed with my brain tumor. So, they finished the paperwork and purchased the 40 acres of property. They are realizing living in two houses is not that ideal. Hopefully, our property in Buena Vista will sell soon so it is easier on my parents not having to have two houses.

My mom’s mom and two brothers live in the area so she is closer to family and my dad can drive his tractor even more since he will be able to get two or three cuttings of hay there.

Before we left for Paonia though a MOOSE ran through our place in BV; came walking up the east hay field then followed to county road north about 2 pm on Friday. Pretty neat to see!

Moose on 9/27

Moose on 9/27

Once we got to Paonia, the work begins. Saturday was spent cleaning the garden and mowing lawns. I believe my mom should start making wine next summer – thinking a strawberry wine, maybe a raspberry too…. In need of a creative label name though!


Inside my mom's garden

Inside my mom’s garden












Lilly, my dad’s beagle, likes the new place too!

Lily on the poarch

Lily on the porch

View from the poarch

View from the porch

My mom finally gets a house with a poarch

My mom finally gets a house with a porch

Saturday afternoon I also attended a family friend’s wedding on Black Mesa; a beautiful location for such an event!

Wedding on Black Mesa

Wedding on Black Mesa

Then Sunday was spent cutting down three pine trees and playing with my aunt and uncle’s puppy Sis. Drove home seeing beautiful colors over Monarch Pass and greeted with a pecan pie from the Blitstein family. Yumm! And thank you!


Tomorrow will be 14 of 30 radiation treatment and meet with doctors to see how all is going – will share a full health update tomorrow!

Thank you all again for the thoughts, prayers, and kindness towards my family and I during this time.


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