Shake and Bake – Short Thoughts of Mine

Another week in Denver finished, almost halfway finished with radiation – thank gosh! There is only so much traffic, window shopping, and reading a person can do…. IKEA is a neat store, Old Colorado City has some cute shops, the Texas version of “Gone with the Wind” called “Roses” is pretty good, and I still need to visit the Natural History Museum and U.S. Mint. But living somewhere that isn’t your home for five days at a time is weird and a home cooked meal sounds AMAZING right now….

I am waiting for a weekly routine doctor’s appointment at the moment then home free for the weekend!

Health wise I am still feeling well. Though an afternoon nap is nice now.

During the week, in all of my free time (which some days is a lot, some days a little), I come across some interesting ideas, information, and whatnot. Here are just a few I wanted to share, with my added opinion.

Josh Abbot Band – “She Will Be Free” music video *Warning – video for mature audiences* After all the outrage of previous award show performances and video releases Miley Cyrus has unleashed the past couple of weeks (leaving my opinion out of here – that conversation could go on for days…) and the downturn of country music within the past few years, it is so refreshing to see an artist use his talent to bring forth a very serious and touchy subject. I loved the song when it was first released to radio but never thought of what the real meaning of the song was. Just watch the video, maybe have a tissue nearby. Always remember – never make Josh Abbott mad.

Blog Inspiration – The Pioneer Woman – The Sternn family told me about this blog and love it! Great insights into a life of a rancher’s wife and tasty recipes too! Although I have realized I am not the best photographer compared to her….

More Inspiration – Rawhide and Velvet – All the opinionated music news you could ever want with reality tv news in the mix. Love Rita! Her recaps of country music award shows and Texas Women make me laugh and love Texas Country music more and more.


2 thoughts on “Shake and Bake – Short Thoughts of Mine

  1. Just wanted. To say hi. All the people at Bv C of C are thinking about you. Hope things continue to go well. I really enjoy your blog. Jo

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