Why Showing Cattle Matters

When I turn 19 on October 27, I will no longer be able to participate in 4-H as a member – thus not being able to show in the Junior Market Livestock Shows. Basically, I can no longer show cattle unless I begin working for another cattle company. If you personally know me, showing cattle has been my life besides earning a quality GPA in high school.

After the Chaffee County Fair in August, I sold my last three steers and haven’t had any more to tend to since then. It has been very nice to simply get up and go do (or not do) whatever I want; I haven’t had to go outside at 6 am to rinse and brush calves or run home at night to feed them and clean the barn. However, I miss their wet noses and working with them. For 10 years I have had calves at home and from October 2011 to August 2013, there was at least one steer in my barn. So not hearing the calves moo at 6 am or getting grain every month is quite a switch.

On Sunday I went with Madylene Cope and her family to look at Ark Valley Club Calves in Fowler, Colorado. Getting in the pen to look at calves again such a refresher why I love showing cattle. Analyzing the calves and discussing the positives and negatives of each calf made me wish I was able to buy my own or have a younger sibling I could be buying a calf for.

It is hard to explain that drive and passion I have for showing cattle and the emotion that rushes through me when calves are clipped for a show or in any show ring. It’s a feeling that cannot be replaced by anything else and will always be a part of me. The following blog post just about explains youth showing cattle to a “T”

Why Showing Cattle Matters

Dan Hoge said it best at the National Western Stock Show in 2010: “We should use our livestock to show off our kids, not our kids show off our livestock”

May not be the exact quote, but close to it and I truly believe this is true.


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