Guess Who is 50???

On the 18th my dad turned 50 and my mom and I decided to get some of his high school friends together for an impromptu party on Saturday night. It appeared everyone had a great time as old memories were shared over laughter. I even heard some new stories of his high school days – makes me look like an angel in high school 🙂

Starting in the sun

Starting the party in the sun

Dad and cake

Wouldn’t be a party without cake!

Friday night was spent at The Doubletree Hotel for another Order of Eastern Star dinner. A great time laughing with many of my mother’s friends. The dinner included a full set of silverware; thanks to Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and Jodi Musier’s advice of “Don’t eat soup with your fork” I made it through the dinner successfully. Following the dinner was dancing then stories and jokes shared. Gaylene almost had me in tears a few times. It was so relaxing to simply sit back and laugh.

Grandma Dee, my mom, and I before dinner

Grandma Dee, my mom, and I before dinner

And a VERY special thank you to “my friend” who sent me the beautiful flowers at the end of last week. I hope this thank you makes it to you as you didn’t leave a name on the card…

Thank you friend!

Thank you, friend!


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