Denver with some Red Rocks, Malt Shakes, and Eastern Star

35 days ago I was diagnosed with the brain tumor. Seems like forever ago…. Which may or may not be a good thing. But, I have complete my first full week of radiation therapy treatment. All is going well, still feeling great with no symptoms from the radiation.

For the 20 minutes I am in radiation, my mom spends her time working on this puzzle. It’s a community puzzle that is in the radiation waiting room for anyone to work on – she plans to have it done by the time my treatments are finished. If someone else doesn’t finish it first!

Mom working on the puzzle

Mom working on the puzzle

What the finished puzzle should look like

What the finished puzzle should look like










Monday was filled with driving around Denver with my brother trying to find Wrangler jeans, good chocolate malt shakes, and iPhone vehicle chargers.

I Took Lauren’s advice and walked around Red Rocks on Tuesday.            Last May I attended the Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert concert at Red Rocks (one of the best, if not the best concert I’ve been to). My attention was more towards parking my Mountaineer so it wouldn’t roll off the edge of the highway (two hours early and parking was a MESS) and enjoying the concert than looking around. Although during “Springsteen” everyone in the crowd shown their phones to light up the sky and every time I hear “Springsteen” I think of that moment.

Tuesday, my mom and I spent plenty of time walking all over the grounds, toured the Red Rocks Museum, and watched people run the amphitheater stairs. I walked them once and called it good. The runners reminded me of my uncle running the stairs at WKU Stadium. Exercise is one thing, but running stairs at 1,5280 feet sound like a very bad idea…. No offense to all the exercise fanatics out there.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Lunch at The Blue Cow in Morrison was the place to eat, not sure if I was super hungry after Red Rocks, but they have amazing cheeseburgers! YUMM! And watching the “creek” flow right behind the cafe was shocking. It should usually be running 50 CFS this time of year but was running about 1,000 CFS on Monday – the heavy rains from last week is still having an impact on water flows….

Window shopping at malls and Orange Julius with my friend Britney and her so cute! baby Micaya was a blast. I have never seen such a happy baby 🙂

The Order of Eastern Star is having their state conference this week in Denver too (not the correct name but they are in meetings so can’t get the correct terminology). It has been a joy to see many of my mom’s friends and finally meet many people she talks about – all good stories 😉  I attended the Grand Representative dinner last night and plan to attend the dinner tonight then leave for Buena Vista in the morning.

Denver is fun and different, but there is a lot to be said for a small town with little traffic, no midnight sirens, and friendly people.


5 thoughts on “Denver with some Red Rocks, Malt Shakes, and Eastern Star

  1. Codi,
    Thank you so much for the generosity you show by taking the time to share your time with everyone. You are a true inspiration!
    Thinking of and praying for you!
    Callie, Sara, Jerry & Priscilla Shannahan

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