Kayaking through Denver

Day three of radiation treatment yesterday, home for the weekend – only 27 more treatments to go. The countdown is on.

As all news media outlets are showing, I was in Denver during the flooding Thursday and Friday. Luckily it did not interfere with my appointments or sleeping accommodations; only caused the drive to and from the hospital to take extra time. My mom’s driving skills and the use of Google Maps made the drive go much smoother than sitting in backed up traffic for hours. The traffic and craziness make me appreciate small towns even more. Seeing all the water was CRAZY and wanted to kayak, but that didn’t happen.

Lone Tree Cabela's

My parents and I did visit the new Cabela’s store in Lone Tree. Great place to spend a couple hours simply looking at everything. Found a sweatshirt that buttons up around the neck; so can either be buttoned and close necked or unbuttoned, giving more space – pretty neat idea, minus the very expensive price tag.

To clarify a question some have been having – this is the machine I receive the radiation from (worth $3,000,000.00) Yes million.

Radiation machine

I lay on the flat table, with a mask covering my face to ensure I don’t move. Then the table and machine arm move about to focus the radiation on my tumor. I don’t see, feel, or taste anything, only hear the machine running. This is painless and the only symptoms, if any, will begin in about two weeks; which are slight nausea and tiredness. Whereas I have been dealing with those for over a year, so thinking I can handle that with ease 😉

Above all else, my family is dealing fairly well with this whole process, but phone calls, e-mails, or texts to my parents are greatly appreciated by them, even if they don’t always admit it

We need practice taking a "selfie"

We need practice taking a “selfie”


5 thoughts on “Kayaking through Denver

  1. The machine is pretty cool! How it works & what it can do is amazing (including the cost) So thankful for Everyone working together to get you better!! From the engineer who put it together to the Dr’s for their knowledge. To everyone for their prayers! We are so glad you’re doing so well & your attitude is fantastic! 🙂 Great selfie of you all too! You all look awesome!!! HUGS!!!!

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