“Always stay active; moving and thinking”

An older lady dressed in a snappy hot pink sweatsuit with matching hot pink hair waiting at Valet for her car and a gentleman talking vividly on his phone with animated hand motions makes for a wait at the hospital entertaining.

People watching at a hospital is one thing – but actually interacting with these people is a whole other story.

While meeting up with my dad’s friend Yoch and his wife at the University of Colorado Hospital yesterday, an 80-year-old man walked up and told us his life story. This cheerful man served in the U.S. Navy, drove an RTD bus, among other jobs. He was happy-go-lucky as he described how he has lived his life staying active and positive. He was proud to be the age he is with no health problems (only at the hospital for a check-up). Singing to riders on the RTD bus was a favorite pastime of his and his voice was fairly pleasant as he sang a short tune. The man went on his way a few minutes later, leaving us with these words:

“Always stay active; moving and thinking”

This stands so true, from young kids to the old man. For three weeks I have been completing objectives I had on a “To Do” list since my Spring Break in March; from reading “The Great Gatsby” and “The Heart and The Fist” to baking Nutella cupcakes and organizing my closet. I hope to climb Sleeping Indian Mountain on one of the next few weekends and finish my American History book from a collegiate class last spring. Simply sitting around would do nothing for me, physically or mentally.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have found many more recipes to try out and many decorating ideas for my bedroom and dorm room once I begin college! I may only be able to draw stick men but will be trying my hand at some DIY projects. Time to get crafty!


5 thoughts on ““Always stay active; moving and thinking”

  1. Codi, it was such a blessing seeing you and your folks!! Your smile lit up the whole facility!!
    Yock and I were so impressed by the staff…from their smiles,postive attitudes and caring ways 🙂
    The retired Navy man was awesome too, the lilt in his voice and compassion made our day.
    We often wonder why someone in his capacity would all of the sudden choose to stop and share sweet stories or a quick song. I felt he was guided to us as he saw all of us enjoying our visit.
    Thank you for sharing these blogs…you’re a sweetie!!!

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