Time to Get Started to Get Finished

Here I go – After emails and calls to doctors, I will begin my radiation treatment tomorrow in Denver. Go up tomorrow, start radiation, continue with treatments Thursday and Friday, come home Friday night for the weekend, then back to Denver for another five days of radiation. This will continue until I have completed 30 radiation sessions. The side-effects of radiation are slight drowsiness, nausea, and irritation of the skin (the back of my neck). So I get to keep my hair and should be feeling well during this whole process!!

It is hard to express how excited I am for this! Yes, it is also very scary, but the positives outweigh the worry.      I did not realize how sick I have been the past year until I started the steroid, Decadron, two weeks ago. The amount of energy I have is AMAZING! I used to dread even getting myself cereal in the mornings or walking to my pickup to get anything. Now, I cook food all the time, actually do the dishes by hand when I am finished, go walking for an hour a day, and my mom is starting to run out of projects for me to do. Although, I still have a quilt to finish from a high school sewing class two years ago – that may remain incomplete until who knows when…… (Quilting is a perfectionist nightmare and yes I am a perfectionist).

All of my senior year of high school and this summer I was excited to begin college at West Texas A&M, now I am beyond ecstatic! I will feel so well, I will be able to fully pay attention in class, study to my full ability, and participate in as many extracurricular activities as I can time manage. The tumor was a horrific curse on day one; now it is a blessing in disguise.

My mom and dad will be in Denver with me this week; as support, drivers (since I am not the best city driver), and to see how everything works. We plan on visiting the new Cabelas and REI stores as activities to spend time. Probably find our way to the 16th street mall too.

Have any suggestions on activities to do in Denver/metro area? I’d love to hear them!! 30 days in Denver will give us plenty of time to be “tourists” of Denver.


3 thoughts on “Time to Get Started to Get Finished

  1. Codi!
    First of all I’d like to mention I as well have not finished my quilt from that year either…made me smile when you mentioned yours(: now that this is my second year living in Denver I figured I’d be able to give you millions of suggestions on what to do here, but now I realize I don’t have much experience! But I do suggest to go to the 16th street mall, I’m down there everyday on my way to school and its so fun just to people watch! Also you should check out Red Rocks, there are lots of trails up there and it’s beautiful. If I think of anything else or here about some cool events I’ll let you know!
    You’re awesome, stay strong(:

    • Glad I’m not the only one who has put off quilting haha.

      People watching is probably way more entertaining than is should be… but going to do it anyways! And Red Rocks sounds great too – saw Eric Church there last summer, but way more concerned about the music than the surroundings.
      Thank you Lauren 🙂

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