Casey Donahew Band and Physics

First off – any day, but especially today, give thanks for everything you have, your family, your warm bed at night, your freedom. Political opinion aside, men and women are protecting us right now and they deserve the upmost respect and gratitude for all they have given.

I was in Mrs. Barns’ first-grade class 12 years ago and remembered her simply saying that today is a very sad day. At the time or for a few years I did not understand the impact of the attacks September 11, 2001. But I do now and hope to some day visit Ground Zero in New York City to pay my respects to all who lost their lives and all who stepped forward to help.

Right now though I am sitting in traffic in Denver.

Day one of radiation is complete! I walked in, laid down on the table, the mask was put on, the people played my iPod (consisting of Casey Donahew Band and Cody Johnson) over the surround sound speakers, and laid still for a few minutes as the machine moved about to “give” me the radiation. Which radiation is, in simple nonmedical or scientific terms, high energy waves focused on my tumor. I vaguely recall this fro my physics class junior year.

Anyways, everything went so smoothly today and even more excited to continue with the process to be healthy again! I have radiation tomorrow and Friday at 9 am then home for the weekend.

Once again, thank you, everyone, for the support and prayers! I am still trying to get this blog thing figured out and hope to share a few photos tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Casey Donahew Band and Physics

  1. Just wanted you to know we’re thinking about you. I try to remember some fun thing college kids like to do in Denver. Take care, Jo

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