All Clear

Leaving Denver in celebration tonight. My MRI scans today are clear. There are no obvious signs of the brain tumor. My doctors are over the moon happy with the results. It takes a lot for the British Dr. Foreman to have hop in his step and he did today. I'm still low on energy with … Continue reading All Clear


And free I am. Finished my last radiation treatment at 4 pm September 12. Nick and I headed back to Guymon as I typed this. The last day of included lots of hugs, laughter, and bell ringing. A follow up MRI is scheduled for October 18 to see how the tumor has reacted to all … Continue reading She Will Be Free

She Will Be Free

Almost Home

September 12. Last day of radiation treatment. September 13. Move back to Oklahoma. The six weeks in Denver did go by easily enough. Having plans each weekend and touring the Denver metro area on adventures made the six weeks pass quickly. Asking the radiation technicians their favorite places to eat allowed me to experience new … Continue reading Almost Home