Instagram is notorious for social media influencers posting fake or misleading pictures. Facebook posts don't always include the daily struggles of people. Daily, I struggle with negative symptoms but I choose to share the positive happenings. Each to their own and their reasoning why they choose to share or not to share. But I'm choosing … Continue reading Dealing with the Negatives, Sharing the Positives.


Dealing with the Negatives, Sharing the Positives.

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Today is one of those days. The short story is I still have tumors. No new meds or operations. I'll continue infusions and continue life as planned and normal. That's how I want to live my life, planned as normal. If you see me around town, say hi. But … Continue reading Update 5/16/19

Update 5/16/19

Morning Bliss

Favorite. Bliss. Defined differently. I experience them differently. The favorite part of my day is when Nick gets home from work and I get to spend the evening with him. The blissful part of my day is the first moments of every morning. I wake up from dreams; sometimes in the dreams I write right … Continue reading Morning Bliss